Key benefits of the Heinzle E-CardSimulator for Saurer and Plauen Embroidery Machines
Heinzle E-CardSimulator will convert your machine from an mechanical/automate controlled machine
to a state of the art computer controlled machine

Heinzle E-CardSimulator is a moderate investment, resulting in good money and fast Return Of
Investment (ROI)

Heinzle E-CardSimulator is easy to operate with Windows 2000 or Windows XP for which you can get
software support worldwide.

Heinzle E-CardSimulator is a modular system

Heinzle E-CardSimulator will give you better quality of embroidery work

Posibility to adjust the height less or more at no extra costs

Small program/quantity can be possible to work with profitibility

A lot of savings of card punching costs every day and many more designs can be worked out
without any extra costs of card punching

Lower your down time of the machine, increase your production by saving time and
reducing production costs - more profitibility

Much more statistical datas of monitoring production/stitches/yarn and control of cost
at your financial data to make a right decision

Much better safety on your expensive automate/machine, no problem of wrong degrees as with
punching card - you will save a lot of expenses on your mechanisam

Saving life of your expensive machine with no fast and slow movement of the frame

Stitching needle starts at the same place, where it has stoped - in case of breakdown
or any way. You do not need to do anything like readjustments of needles/machine.

Almost no maintanance while daily use, it has a long life durability

Automat stops on error with safety switch and automatic correction stitch on errors

One year free service without any extra costs and spares with professional service
available localy in most cities/countries

Long experience of generations, know how used to manufacture, develop the product
with accuracy, efficiency and reliability

Contineus improvement of the products to serve you better everyday

High quality product created and manufactured in Altach, Austria (Europe)
imported to India, exported worldwide

Worldwide over 750 satisfied customers served by Heinzle E-CardSimulator on
   Saurer and Plauen pattern

Reasonable price of Euro 6,250.- for Saurer and 6,750.- for Plauen per unit and
   rest all as price list.

Finaly at the end with all above multiple benefits will increase production and profitibility!